Music is what feelings sound like out loud. Beauty from Pain by Georgia Cates

Music moves me to another world. It is emotion out loud. It stirs me. I cannot explain how this happens. It just does. Musical scores written long ago are the most stirring. With a Song in My Heart moves me. The main theme from The Keys to the Kingdom by Alfred Newman, the main theme from Love with a Proper Stranger by Elmer Bernstein which Kritzerland Records accurately describes the music as “achingly beautiful.” I’ll Always Believe in You in Miracle in the Rain and anything, anything written by Max Steiner including Gone with the Wind, Parrish, Since You Went Away, Little Lord Fauntleroy, Dark Victory, Casablanca, A Summer Place, Spencer’s Mountain, The Sisters, and Susan Slade, to name a few classics. Internet Movie Database lists 240 movie scores to his credit. Full of Life with original music by George Duning has simple and beautiful music. My life is enriched and I am encouraged. My life is fuller. Any sadness, any trial that comes my way, music is a gift.

~ by neverupstaged on June 1, 2010.

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